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At Kenwood Gymnastics Center, we have continuous enrollment and bill monthly. You can start at any point in the school year and will then be entered into our auto-enroll/auto-pay system, meaning, once you are enrolled- your athletes' 

spot in class is theirs until you let us know otherwise. 

Monthly tuition will vary depending on how many classes your gymnast will attend in a given month.

Example: If your gymnast is in a Monday class and there are 4 Mondays in January, you will be charged for 4 classes. You are charged for all classes in a month regardless if you attend or not.

Our registration system is hosted by iClassPro.  Clicking on the options below will allow you to view, register, and pay for classes safely and online!

For more information, see our "Need 2 Know @ KGC" document.

If you have been to KGC before:

Select "Parent Login" below.  


If you have NOT been to KGC before:

Select "Create Account" and follow the prompts to set up a new family account.

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